The Missing
The Missing were born out of the curiosity surrounding the media attention surrounding the Elizabeth Smart missing person’s case and the general fascination the popular news outlets have for certain cases, ie. The Smarts, The Ramsey's, The Holloway's. These images are then juxtaposed with the mailers of Missing Kids who are represented by a black and white thumbnail measuring roughly 1.25 in x 2 in, while backing an advertisement for having ones oil changed.
The images created from this project confronts the question of information as it pertains to the portrait. The drawings are based off the fliers received in the mail. Rendered with Ebony pencil, and Oil bar, the drawings are approximately 22 in x 36 in. The drawings have been exhibited both in formal gallery settings as well as “posters”, outside in public spaces. In addition to drawings in the classic form they have been reproduced in sugar and placed into cookies to comment quite literally on the idea of news and image consumption.